When You Want The Best Ottawa Plumbers, Give Us A Call

Are you renovating your home and want to find a good plumber to put in a new bath? Plumbing is a specialized skill and many homeowners would rather hire someone than try and do the work themselves. We are the Ottawa plumbers who will do the very best job. We will evaluate your project and provide a detailed quote to complete the job. Our technicians are professional and efficient which means we’ll be in and out of your home as quickly as possible. We are committed to providing quality work, no matter what the job.

Hiring a reliable plumber doesn’t have to be rocket science. There are a few factors you should always consider when choosing someone to do plumbing repairs.

Begin by asking friends and family members for recommendations. It is always best if you can find a plumber who has performed work for someone you know. We will be happy to provide customer references and urge you to talk with our customers about our work.

Always ask the plumber to provide you a copy of their license. We all must be licensed, so this should be easy to produce. Also, ask about our insurance. We have general liability insurance as well as workman’s compensation insurance.

Plumbing a complete bathroom is a little different than just making repairs. Ask the plumber about their experience putting in new plumbing and how many projects similar to yours they have done.

Also, ask the plumber how long they’ve been in business. As a rule, the longer a company has been in business, the more experienced they are and the better work they will provide. It is difficult to stay in business as a plumber if you don’t turn out consistent high-quality work.

If you don’t have a regular plumber, don’t hire the first on in the book, even if you have an emergency. Talk with several plumbers and compare prices. Speaking with the plumber before hiring is also a good way to discover if they are professional and courteous.

Alway insist on a written contract. The contract should include a detailed itemization of labor, parts, start and finish dates, and any other costs. Also, ask about the plumber’s guarantee on their work.

When you need the best of the Ottawa plumbers, give us a call. We will be happy to discuss your project with you and provide you a written estimate. Our highly skilled technicians will get the work done quickly and professionally.

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