Found Our Home Through Redstones Walsall Estate Agency


My wife and I wanted to buy a home. It had been a long time dream for both of us. We knew it would be better than renting a home and we would actually own something and not just pay to live there. Before purchasing a home, we wanted to make sure we had all of our things in order. We wanted to have money to put down on a home and also wanted to make sure our credit was top notch so we could get the best rates from our mortgage lender. After lots of saving and keeping our credit in order, we decided it was time to start searching for our home.

We looked at some of the real estate listings on Redstones Walsall website. We found a home that we were both really interested in looking at. It was the perfect size and in a great location for both me and my wife. It was exactly what we wanted. My wife contacted the real estate agent so we could walk through the home and see if it was really what we wanted. We were able to look at the home the same day as we contacted them. As soon as we drove up to the house, we knew it was exactly what we had wanted all these years. We didn’t even need to see the inside of it because we already wanted to purchase it. However, we walked through the home and told the real estate agent that we were very interested. He said he would get the papers together to get the home buying process started.

Within just a few months we closed on our home. We were able to move into right after that. We are both so happy and feel so fortunate to have the home we’ve always wanted. We worked for it and got to this point and it was well worth everything we put into it. If it wasn’t for the agent at Redstones Walsall we won’t be in this home today. This agent worked very fast and hard to get our purchase underway and complete. He made it easy on us and there really wasn’t much effort we had to put into it. I am glad we found him and have told a friend of ours his name because they want to find a home too.

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